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Financing and the role of the regions and towns in the economic recovery

Provisional programme

Wednesday, 19th November 2014

18:00-20:00    Workshop on “Research techniques for Applied Economic”, by Marcos H. Herrera Gómez. Free Course. It will held at the Auditorium of the Faculty of Economics and Business.

Workshop on Research Techniques Applied Economics: Spatial Econometrics using Stata 

Tentative Schedule 

The objective of the workshop is to provide a review of the main concepts in econometrics
space applied. Attendees will learn how to specify and incorporate dependence 
space in their empirical research through the various options offered by the program 
econometric Stata. Among the points to develop are considered: 

1 Manipulation and visualization of spatial data: Representation by Maps. 

2 Create spatial weights matrices and spatial autocorrelation contrasts: Contrast I 
Moran and Geary c G Getis and Ord. 

Basic Spatial Econometrics 3 (Cross Section): SLM, SEM, SARAR, SDM. Estimating 
spatial parameters by different techniques. Set of contrasts to determine the 
econometric specification. Corrections for heteroscedasticity and endogeneity. 

Advanced Spatial Econometrics 4: Alternatives to the introduction of spatial effects in 
panel data. 

The workshop will include as a material: (i) Working Paper (will guide each point 
proposed), (ii) databases and (iii) to replicate files .do each 
each proposed item) 
one of the results.


Thursday, 20th November 2014

8:30-9:00        Accreditation of participants
9:00-10:30      Opening of the Congress by Francisco Rios Bono (Finance Minister of the Government of Aragon) and Francisco Javier Trívez Bielsa (Vice President of Finance). Plenary Opening conference – First Plenary Session: “Geography and Decentralization” by Jorge Martínez Vázquez
10:30-11:00    Coffee Break in faculty cafeteria
11:00-12:30    Parallel Sessions
12:30-14:00    Parallel Sessions
14:00-15:00    Informal Lunch in the Auditorium Building. María Josefa Bourbon Room
15:00-16:30    Parallel Sessions
16:30-17:00    Coffee Break in faculty cafeteria
17:00-18:30    Parallel Sessions
18:30-20:00    Parallel Sessions
19:30-20:30    AECR plenary meeting
21:30             Gala Dinner in the Auditorium Building. María Josefa Bourbon Room

Friday, 21st November 2014

8:30-10:00      Parallel Sessions
10:00-10:30    Coffee Break  in faculty cafeteria
10:30-12:00    Parallel Sessions
12:00-13:30    Parallel Sessions
13:45-14:30    Second Plenary Session by CHRISTINE THOMAS: Strategies predictions with spatial models and Closing Session
14:30-15:30    Informal Lunch in Hotel Zaragoza Royal
16:00-20:00    Workshop on R applied to regional modelling by professor Gianfranco Piras, with coffee break at 17:45. Upon payment of a registration fee of 20 €: 




The course will cover general spatial models that includes a spatially lagged dependent variable and a spatially autocorrelated error term in a panel context. We will briefly cover the theory of both GMM and Maximum likelihood methods in the context of fixed as well as random effects.

All implementations are available in R from the library “splm”



  1. A General spatial model
  2. Linear spatial dependence models for cross-section data.
  3. Linear spatial dependence models for panel data models. Random and fixed effects.
  4. GMM Implementations: SLM and SEM models
  5. ML Implementations: SLM and SEM models
  6. Implementing impact measures




Millo G. and Piras G. (2012) "splm: Spatial Panel Data Models in R” Journal of Statistical Software,  47:1.

Piras G. (2013) Impact Estimates For Static Panel Data Models in R” Letters in Spatial and Resource Sciences. 

17:45-18:15    Coffee Break  in faculty cafeteria

17:00-20:00    Guided tour of the historic center of Zaragoza, with access from the hall of the Faculty of Economics and Business.

Congress of the Spanish Association of Regional Science (XL Meeting of Regional Studies Zaragoza 2014)
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