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Financing and the role of the regions and towns in the economic recovery

We are pleased to invite you to attend the XL Conference of Regional Studies to be held in Zaragoza on the 20-21 November 2014. As previous editions, we intend to develop a discussion forum on Regional Science, between academics and professionals on different disciplines: economic, geography, mathematics, econometrics, sociology etc. Topics for debate and discussion will help in the economic making decision process at four levels of government:  municipal, regional, national and international. Therefore our meeting is open to researches from several countries, within and outside the European Union. This is also the identity of the 7th Seminar Jean Paelinck, that will be held simultaneously in Zaragoza, and whose sessions are open to all participants in the XL Conference of Regional Studies.


The lemma of the XL Conference of Regional Studies is: “FINANCING AND THE ROLE OF REGIONS AND TOWNS IN ECONOMIC RECOVERY”. In the present economic context, it is necessary to work on the design of those measures that contribute to overcome the huge economic crisis we are facing to. In this sense, the correct distribution of economic resources at municipal or regional level is a key tool to achieve the objective.


The organizing committee is composed by members of the research groups of Quantitative Economic Analysis (GAEC) and Public Economy, both affiliated to the University of Zaragoza.


The Scientific Committee is responsible for selecting the contents of the conference. It is presided by Prof. José Villaverde Castro and comprises academics from external universities and institutions. This Committee is responsible for guaranteeing the quality of the presented papers as well as the correct organization of the debates, round tables, etc.


Spanish and English are welcome for the XL Conference of Regional Studies, and the conference will be held in November, 20th-21st. The Conference will be held in the Faculty of Economic and Enterprise  and “Paraninfo” of the University of Zaragoza


From these lines, we want to encourage professionals interested in Regional Science to participate in the XL Conference of Regional Studies. Diverse perspectives will improve the present state of arts in Regional Science and they will increase efficiency in the development of national economic growth policies, in general, and policies aimed at the recovery from the present economic crisis, in particular.


On behalf of the Aragonese Regional Science Association, the Organizing Committee and the Scientific Committee, we would like to acknowledge to all the sponsors of this event. We would also like to express our wish that this edition of the conference – as its predecessors – will be a valuable forum from academic and professional perspectives and in terms of its social impact. Moreover, this forum will offer us the opportunity to discuss the main issues on Regional Science with old and new colleagues.

ISBN: 978-84-697-1610-6

Congress of the Spanish Association of Regional Science (XL Meeting of Regional Studies Zaragoza 2014)
Scientific Committee
Organizing Committee